Hedge Cutting & Trimming

Garden hedge cutting and trimming services

In your garden hedge cutting and trimming works is always necessary. The properly created and maintenance hedge always looks great. But the importance of hedge cutting and trimming is not limited to this. Good hedge ensures both you and your neighbour (or on street side) enjoy adequate privacy. It is good time to do the hedge cutting and trimming works from October to the end of February.

The most hedges need regular maintenance due to their fast growth.
Most evergreen hedges require trimming a couple of times during the growing season.


Our gardening services include:

– Hedge Trimming
– Hedge Cutting
– Pruning
– Green Waste removal
– Clean and tidy garden
– Serve private & commercial customers

We also can manage regular and large hedge cutting with no problem. As we use special hedgetrimmers, extensions, ladders and safety tools.
We are very prudent  and precise about trimming small hedges / box hedges as well while taking care to ensure the hedges stay in perfect healthy condition.

We collect and remove all cutting remains after each job, to ensure that your garden remains clean and tidy.
We provide hedge cutting and hedge trimming services in all Dublin areas. If you have an overgrown hedge and would like to trimmed that down, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hedge cutting & trimming
Hedge cutting & trimming


Hedge Cutting & Trimming in nesting season

We take special considerations during nesting season. It is important to check carefully for active nests prior to cutting.

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