Laying the turf grass

Lay grass to create an instant lawn

Gardener4you offers turf laying services to its customers at affordable price. Turf laying is the easiest way to create a new lawn in shortly times.

Step 1: soil level preparation, removal old grass, weeds, stone and rocks
Step 2: straighten and firming the soil, raking
Step 3: fertiliser and Lawn Mix Topsoil
Step 4: laying lawn turf, compression and adjustment
Step 5: cutting a clean lawn edge
Next Step: mowing your new lawn and lawn care


All our turfs are supplied in rolls which cover an area of approximately 1 square metre.
Approx Size:
Length: 1.7 m
Width: 0.6 m
Weight: 25 kg
Rolls of lawn turf usually comprise a mix of hard-wearing perennial rye grasses.

Why very good Roll Turf?

· A quick and easy instant and regular lawn
· Easy to move and simple delivery
· Available all year round

If you require turf laying services do not hesitate to contact us for a competitive quote!

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